Our consultants fully understand that what they do and how they do it has a major impact on every client’s business and on the lives of the people that we are recruiting. Getting it right really does matter to us and we are determined to maintain our reputation as a company that takes great pride in the way that we conduct ourselves.

From the moment a client approaches us, a dedicated team gets to work. We have a non-hierarchical structure, supported by strong leadership, so we all work together at all levels. Our clients know exactly who is doing the work and they are involved throughout the process. Continuity of personnel and communication is vital to the success of any project. We make the best people available for each of our client’s needs.

Candidate assessment adds significant value to the recruitment process by complementing information gained through search, preliminary interview, referencing and qualification checks. We can advise on a series of options that reflect the nature of the information required in light of the type of role that is being filled. We have at our disposal a range of tools that can be combined in order to meet the particular needs of each client.

In certain situations, it may be necessary to conduct an assessment of an existing board or team, such as at a time of merger or during a major organisational change. We can provide sound advice and practical help during these difficult and often disruptive times.